Monday Message 9/30

Happy Monday! Can you believe tomorrow is October? The first month and a half of school has really flown by. Continue reading to see what is happening in 3M this week!



We have been really focusing on making predictions in both informational and fictional texts.  Not only have we been making predictions while we are reading, but we’ve been using evidence (clues) from things we’ve read to support our predictions! When reading with your child, ask them to make a prediction.  Make sure they have a “because” or a reason for their prediction.  This reason should come from evidence or clues that they read in the text.  Last Friday, we had Mrs. Townsend come in to teach us a lesson about making predictions based on character relationships.  She used a silly story by Judy Blume to teach the lesson.

This is a comprehension skill/stretegy that will be emphasized the entire year.  We are always making predictions throughout our day, not just during our Reader’s Workshop time!

Miss Kourtni will be book chatting a book she read in our classroom in the next week.  Check our twitter/blog for pictures of this soon.

Stick Dog by Tom Watson is a popular book in our classroom! Miss Morrison did a book commerical for it last week and almost all of us signed up to read it.  She even ordered more copies so that more than one person can read it at a time.

Can you tell we love reading in 3M? Parents…what are you reading? Post in the comments…we’d LOVE to hear from you 🙂



We are now in Unit 2 in math.  The emphasis of Unit 2 is addition and subtraction.  We have been practicing fact extension, fact triangles, and fact families.  We will be using our addition/subtraction knowledge to work through a few real-life activities in the next few days!

As always, it is important to continue practicing math facts with your child.  The emphasis is not on rote memorization but on fluency.  Making sure your child understands what the number means is key!



In writing this week, we will be tying together what we learned in September to make signs for our classroom! We will be applying our knowledge of complete sentences vs fragments, commas in a series, and rereading will writing.  We also will be practicing different fluency and idea strategies to help us prepare for our first piece of writing that we will start next week!



As you may have seen on Twitter, we just finished up dissecting owl pellets.  We absolutely LOVED it and found so many interesting bones! Over the next few days, we will be discussing what we learned.  A study guide will be completed and sent home to prepare for our quiz on Friday.  Our quiz will be a mix of all different kinds of questions, including a writing prompt! Look for this in the next few days.


Other Announcements

A HUGE thank you again to all of you who came to support our classroom at the mini golf fundraiser! It was SO appreciated.  A Chalkboard gift card of $209 will be making its way over to my school mailbox in 3 weeks or so.  The owner even said that ours was the most successful night to date! Way to go 3M families 🙂 As I said before, words can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support.

Not pleased with your child’s pictures? Do they just not look like themself? Picture retake day is October 18th.  Please send your child’s pictures in that day for them to receive a retake!


Have a wondeful week! Don’t forget to check our Twitter for exciting videos and updates throughout the week.



Monday Message 9/16

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is having a great start to their week.  It’s finally beginning to feel like fall.


This week, we will be looking using our informational text features to preview and predict with different texts. We played a game today that showed us just how important it is to gather information BEFORE we make predictions! We talked about also looking at the summary on the back and using the table of contents to help us preview the information we may learn.

During conferring/independent reading time, we are also starting to focus on making predictions in fiction texts.  The emphasis is on using specific pieces of evidence FROM the text so that the predictions are educated and realistic.  We are really starting to get the hang of it and some of our predictions have been right on!

While you are reading with your child this week, ask them to predict! Make sure to ask them what caused them to think this way and to cite specific evidence from the text to support their prediction.

Click on the poster below for ideas on how to help your child become readers! Love this.

reading poster


We will be finishing up Unit 1 this week with a test on Friday! A review sheet will be completed in class and will come home at the end of the week.

Tomorrow, we will be learning the concept of elapsed time using a number line.  This can be a tricky concept. Please view this video with your child at home to reinforce what was taught at school.  It’s a WONDERFUL resource:

As always, continue practicing addition/subtraction math facts, time, and money with your child!


Now that we’ve become experts on complete sentences vs. fragments, we are tackling using a comma in a series this week! Today we talked about how commas tell us when to pause.  We also talked about how you insert the word “and” before the last item/idea on the list. We practiced our newly learned skills in our Writer’s Notebook during workshop time.  Take a look at the examples below of two authors in our class experimenting with commas. Excellent job! commasAs you are reading with your child, see if they can notice examples of commas in a series.  Have them talk about what they’ve learned and see if they can apply their knowledge!


*Just a reminder to please turn in any mini-golf night permission slips by Wednesday! I’m SO excited for this and hope to see you all there. It will be a fun time had by all.

*Book orders should be in by early next week! The books will go home in your child’s backpack.

*The upcoming Breakfast Book Chat (BBC) that I’m hosting is Friday, September 27th! I can’t wait to chat this wonderful book! I hope your child can join me 🙂

Have a GREAT week! Keep checking back for 3M Updates 🙂

Informational Text Feature FUN!

We just wanted to share what went on in our classroom today during Reader’s Workshop!

We used scissors, glue sticks, cut magazines, shared ideas, created posters, AND went on a scavenger hunt all at once.

Our end result? Informational Text Feature collages! In order for us to get used to identifying specific features in informational text, we hunted through old TFK magazines. Once we found an example, we cut it out and glued it to the correct poster.

This activity was SO much fun! The students are all becoming more comfortable in recognizing text features and how they help us comprehend what we’ve read.  See below for each poster we created. We can’t wait to display them for all to see 🙂

Charts, Diagrams, Graphs & Maps

Charts, Diagrams, Graphs & Maps

Bold/Italics & Titles/Headings

Bold/Italics & Titles/Headings

Pictures/Photographs & Captions

Pictures/Photographs & Captions

Strike up a conversation with your child next time you are reading a piece of informational text.  See if they are able to identify these features and understand why they are important. Happy reading!

Monday Message

Hi! Welcome to the very first post on our classroom blog. We will be using this to communicate our weekly learning, share important annoucements, and showcase our wonderful work.  There will also be weekly posts by guest bloggers.

Each Monday, I will post a “Monday Message.”  This post will contain an outline of what we are going to be learning that week in each of our subjects.  I also will post any announcements or upcoming important dates. Let’s get started…



For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on Informational Text Features and how they help us understand what we’ve read. Today we did a scavenger hunt to find examples of each text feature we learned.  The anchor chart below was created as a class to hang above our classroom library as a reminder of what we should be looking for.  Feel free to use this language with your child as you are reading through pieces of informational text at home.




As we continue in Unit 1, it’s a review of addition/subtraction/place value concepts.  This week we will learn when it is appropriate to use a calculator, practice making change, review the greater than/less than symbols, and talk about rounding whole numbers.

We have been working hard on becoming faster and more accurate on our math facts. Each day we start out our math time with Fact Dash! Fact Dash is a game we play on the Smart Board to help us remember our facts. We have been getting stronger in both addition and subtraction.  If you’d like to play Fact Dash on your computer at home, the website address is:



In writing this week, we will be talking about complete sentences vs. sentence fragments.  Today, we learned that sentences must have TWO parts:

1. Who/What did something

2. What they did

We practiced with a small example and verbally started to build our own sentences.  As the week progresses, we will be looking at our own work samples to see if we can find and fix fragments! We also will be building our writing fluency.



**Just a reminder that Curriculum Night is this Thursday from 5:30-7:30.  I hope to see you all there!

**A note went home about an exciting opportunity our class has to earn money for our own classroom! Please see the note for more details and let me know if there are ANY questions.  My class did this last year and it was enjoyed by all!

**Book orders are due by Friday! There are some great choices 🙂 I can’t wait to order.


Have a wonderful week! Check back soon for more blog posts. The fun and learning never stop in 3M!