Monday Message 12/16

I sit here about to type “Happy Holidays!” and I am shaking my head in disbelief at how fast the first half of this school year has gone.  There is NEVER a dull moment in 3M.  Each day is filled with learning, laughing (just ask your child..there is SO much laughing), and smiling. I feel truly lucky to have the privilege of teaching (and learning from) your child.

This week is going to be a wrap-up week.  We will review Chapter 5 tomorrow and take a math test on Thursday.  It is my goal to get Chapter 4’s tests back to you by Wednesday.  We are focusing on following directions in reading.  Almost every author has turned in his/her persuasive letter but the deadline is Thursday for anyone not finished.

We started presenting the Holiday Projects today.  I am SO impressed with what I’ve seen.  We’ve already learned so much from the six presenters who went today! I can’t wait to see what else is presented in the next few days.

Third grade has the opportunity to go caroling on Wednesday at Autumn Leaves Memory Care.  It is from 6:00-7:00pm.  Please let me know if you plan on coming! A note went home last week with additional details.

Holiday parties are Friday! Please remember that it is a shortened day on Friday.

I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing, wonderful break and holiday! I look forward to hearing all the stories in the new year.  If you go anywhere fun…don’t forget to tweet us!

Reader’s Choice Question:

What is your favorite holiday book? Do you have any traditions with these books?

What are you going to do as a reader over winter break?

*Here’s my answer:

I have TWO favorite holiday books.  My first favorite is this:hanukkahWe read this book EVERY year when I was little.  I’ve sadly misplaced it which is why I haven’t read it yet.  I’ll look for it this week to see if I can find it.

My second favorite book is this:9780689718014Every year since I think 1992, we read this on Christmas Eve.  We write down inside the front cover who read it.  My grandpa used to read it to us but he has passed away.  It’s a wonderful memory to look in the front and see his name and handwriting.  This book also glows in the dark! My sister and I still crowd in the bathroom, hold it up to the light, and then turn the lights off to see the glowin the dark pages. We LOVE it 🙂

As a reader, I’m going to read at least 5 books.  I have SO many books I want to read but haven’t had much time. I can’t wait.


Monday Message 12/09

A new blog will be posted later on tonight or early tomorrow. Check back soon for all the updates on what we are doing in our classroom! I will send an email when it is finished.

Reader’s Choice Questions

1. Goal check-in.  How are you doing with your goal you set for yourself? What are you doing to reach this goal?

2. What are you proud of as a reader? Is there anything you think you could do better?

Monday Message 12/3

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving break filled with fun, family, and feasting!  I love hearing the stories the kids are telling about all their adventures. Here’s a look at the week ahead:



In reading this week, we will be focusing on identifying the main idea and supporting details.  This can be challenging, so we’ll begin to work through it together! We are able to work on this skill for two weeks so we’ll get in plenty of practice.  Our main focus will be on the informational genre.

Our important word of the week is demonstrate.  Our definition for demonstrate is: describe or explain by using examples.  Here’s the jingle:

Demonstrate what you know, use examples–ready, go!

Today we went through the seven words we’ve learned so far and I was EXTREMELY impressed with how well they remember what each word means.  Ask your child which words we’ve learned.  Challenge them to recite any of the jingles.



We are continuing our focus on opinion writing.  Today we practiced distinguishing between fact and opinion.  We also applied our knowledge and created a Fact and Opinion T-Chart about our choice of topic.

We’ll be starting our first opinion piece in the next week.  Our author deadline for these will hopefully be before Christmas break.  Stay tuned for more information.

As far as grammar goes, our focus will be on using commas/transition words to show passages of time.  This will be helpful as we start to draft our first opinion piece!

We have so many wonderful authors in our class.  The HOT READ table outside the classroom is full of wonderful books written by the authors of 3M.  If you ever get a chance, stop by and take a look.



We are finshing up Unit 4 this week! We will be wrapping up the unit on Wednesday by playing multiplication baseball and completing a study guide.  The study guide will come home Wednesday night and the Unit 4 test will be Friday.

We are starting to practice our multiplication facts.  While fact memorization is not the emphasis, fluency with the facts is important! Using flash cards can help your child become more comfortable with the facts.  Let me know if you need a pack, I have plenty to spare.


Other Information

**Candy Cane O’Grams started today! Each one costs just 25 cents to send. Buy one or a few and send them to your friends 🙂


Reader’s Choice Question:

1. Goal check in. How are you doing with your reading goal? What are you doing to achieve your goal?

2. What are you most proud of as a reader?  This can be something you’ve learned this year, a book you’ve read, a skill/strategy you’ve used…anything!