Reader’s Choice 1/29

Hello 3M families! I hope you all stayed warm on our COLD days! I don’t know about you…but today felt like a heat wave. I think I’m starting to be ready for spring time 🙂

A “Monday Message” post will be up in the next few days about what’s happening in 3M in the next week.  For now, I just wanted to post the Reader’s Choice Question.



Since we are working on Compare & Contrast, I’d like to practice!

Hint: If you are unsure about which word means what, say the chants in your head that we learned in our important words book.

1. Think of your FAVORITE character EVER! It can be from any book you’ve ever read. Okay, now…

  • Compare yourself to this character! Give me at least 3 pieces of evidence.
  • Contrast yourself to this character. Give me at least 3 pieces of evidence.

Post your answer in the comments! I can’t wait to see what you have to say 🙂 Happy reading.


Monday Message 1/21

Happy Tuesday 3M families! I hope you all had a relaxing long weekend.  Here’s what’s happening in 3M this week:


This week, we will be reviewing what we know about distinguishing between Fact and Opinion.  We touched on this briefly during our persuasive writing unit and I was blown away at all the kids remembered!

Here is the anchor chart we made today to remind us exactly what a fact and opinion were.  Feel free to use this language/activtiy with your child to reinforce the concept:

2014-01-21 14.47.37_resizedWe will work with distinguishing Fact and Opinion in both literature and informational texts throughout the week.

This also helps as the kids are starting to research and write their animal “reports.”



We are continuing to focus on multiplication and division! Concepts that will be introduced this week are:

*Parenthesis –doing the problem that is in the parenthesis FIRST

*Extended facts in multiplication/division.  Example: 8×2=16 and that helps me to know that 80×20 would equal 1600.

As always, it is important that your child becomes fluent with his/her math facts! If you are ever in need of activities and/or flash cards, please let me know.  I’d be happy to provide you with these.



We are continuing to research and start drafting our animal projects.  This will be done in its entirety at school!

Some of the kids have also chosen to enter the writing contest that was presented during the Jeff Kinney & Dav Pilkey webcast! You may see the entries coming home.  The students can choose to work on these in school and at home.  The completed entries are due by February 7th so that I can mail them in time for the deadline.  I’m loving all the creativity I’ve seen so far! Ask your child if they have chosen to take part in this.


Other Information

**Reading MAP test will be tomorrow morning (Wednesday) from 9:00-10:20.


Reader’s Choice Question:

**It’s goal time again! What is your reading goal for the next month?

**HOW are you going to achieve that goal? It is so important to have an action step or a “how” for each goal.

Monday Message 1/13

Hello 3M families! I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole month since I’ve posted.  With break and the crazy weather days, time sure has flown.  I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  I loved hearing all the stories of places they went, presents they received, and everything they did.

Last week, we reviewed and caught ourselves up from break.  The kids absolutely blew me away on Friday.  I’ll be posting about that later this week. Here’s what’s going on in 3M this week…


Today we had a great discusson on Fantasy vs. Realism.  This is the anchor chart we made together as a class:

realismanchorchartWe also used my favorite movie, “Despicable Me”, as an example of a story with both realistic and fantasy elements.  It actually worked perfectly. Feel free to use the language on the anchor chart to discuss this concept with your child.

After our discussion, the kids had time during workshop to practice what we learned.  In their own independent reading books, they found at least 3 examples of fantasy or realism.  Some even found examples of both! Here are two students’ post-it notes.  Can you guess if it is your child? riley


I’m SO impressed with how well they already applied their new knowledge!

On Wednesday, January 15th and noon we will be watching a live webcast by the authors of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  We are so excited!



The kids have been loving to write non-fiction pieces during Writer’s Workshop.  I have two girls who are writing a book all about Wolves.  They’ve been researching for weeks and are making a picture book full of facts.  I can’t wait to see the final product.

Tomorrow we will be starting to talk about our animal research projects.  These will be done at school.  We will be planning, researching, and publishing our pieces over the next few weeks! I’m excited to see what the kids produce.



In math, we are continuing to learn about the patterns of multiplication.  Today we explored two online options fo the multiplication table.  Feel free to use these resources when practicing math facts or completing homework!

Please make sure you are continuing to practice multiplication facts with your child! It is important that they build fluency with the facts in order to answer more difficult problems.

If you are in need of flash cards, let me know! I have plenty and am more than willing to share 🙂


Other News

**Report cards will go live on Home Access on January 17th

**We will be MATH MAP TESTING tomorrow from 9:00-10:20. Our Reading MAP TEST will be Wednesday the 22nd from 9:00-10:20.  I’m excited to see the progress the kids have made!


Reader’s Choice Question:

**What are you proud of as a reader?

**What did you do as a reader over Christmas break?

–Parents feel free to answer as well!