Monday Message 2/24

Happy Monday 3M families! We have been working SO hard to prepare for the ISATS.  Here are a few pieces of important information:

ISAT Schedule

The schedule for the ISATS is as follows:

Tues, March 4th–Math 1

Wed, March 5–Math 2

Thurs, March 6–Math 3

Fri, March 7–Reading 1

Tues, March 11– Reading 2

Wed, March 12–Reading 3

**All tests will be completed in the morning.


Reader’s Choice Question:

So since this is the week before the ISATs start and ISAT bootcamp is coming to a close…our Reader’s Choice question today is going to talk about our ISAT goals!

What is your goal for the ISAT? Make it specific! How are you going to work hard to achieve that goal?



Monday Message 2/18

Hi Parents! I suppose this technically is a Tuesday message but for some reason it didn’t feel right calling it that 🙂 So Monday message it is.  Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in 3M:



We are right in the middle of our ISAT boot camp! We’ve been working REALLY hard to understand what the questions are asking so that we are able to do our very best.  A few things we’ve been focusing on are:

  • Synonyms, antonyms, idioms, prefixes, suffixes, words in context, and vocabulary

A huge emphasis has also been placed on synthesizing informational text and literature. The last few weeks for homework, you may have seen the reading packets with two passages.  This is a great example of synthesizing information from two different genres! We’ve also been working on activities much like this one in class.  We’ve been formulating extended response type answers about information from both passages.

Stamina is also key to great test-taking! Last week, we were able to read for 40 minutes! It was such an exciting experience to look around the room and see EVERY PERSON reading.  There were no redirections, no misbehavior…just reading. Amazing.



As we are quickly approaching our deadline (February 28th), our animal research reports are starting to come together! There are many different forms of publication.  Stay tuned for student examples.

Ask your child to tell you more about his/her project.  The students have become so knowledgeable about the animals they’ve researched! I know I’ve learned so many things about each animal just from conferencing with the kids.



We have been focusing on fractions the last two weeks. Today we learned all about equivalent fractions. We will continue comparing and understanding fractions throughout the next week or so.

Multiplication is still a focus! I encourage you to practice multiplication facts with your child.  Please let me know if you need any resources.

We’ve also been doing ISAT boot camp with math.  They’ve been doing an EXCELLENT job applying what they know to what the questions are asking.


Reader’s Choice Question:

1. Where are you at with your goal? I know so many of you have achieved your goal and that’s awesome! Have you made another goal yet?

2. What are you proud of as a reader? What have you learned in 3rd grade that has helped you be a better reader?



February Reading Goals

The past few months, we’ve been setting goals in each of our subjects.  This month, we’ve decided to make our reading goals public to hold ourselves more accountable.


Take a look at the reading goals in 3M. We’ve talked about the importance of an action step when setting a goal.  Each goal listed will have an action step, a “HOW” for the goal.  Use this information to help your child stay on track.

Reading Goals for February

Ethan A: I want to finish the lost chapters of the Spiderwick Chronicles. My action step to achieve this goal is to read a chapter each day.

Nick : I will read 5 books this month.  I will do this by reading each night.

Jack: I will finish all the Bone series.  My action step is to keep on reading the books both at home and at school.

Riley: My goal is to finished A Nest for Celeste. I will do this by reading at school AND at home!

Audrey: I want to only read one chapter book at a time.  I’m going to do this by setting aside time each day to read.

Logan: My goal is to finish Mark of Athena by February 17th.  I will do this by making sure that I read at least 24 pages per day.

Will: I’d like to finish The Hobbit.I will do this by reading every night and during school.

Marissa: I want to read books with hard words, like The Evil Hair and Inky and Inking. To achieve this goal, I will look up the hard words in the dictionary this month so that I can learn them better.

Kalia: I’d like to read 5 of the Boxcar Children books.  To do this, I will bring one home each night and read it before bed.

Vince: I would like to read all the Bad Kitty books in the series.  I will do this by checking the books out from the library and borrowing Miss Morrison’s books.

Isabelle: My goal is to read 5 chapter books.  My action step is to read at school AND at home!

Ethan S: My new goal is to finish Melvin Beederman Superhero #1 and Rotten School #2 by Valentine’s Day so I can get back to reading The Hobbit with my mom.  I will do this by reading every day at school and every night at home.

Katie: I’d like to read at least 5 chapter books.  I will do this by reading each night before bed and when I have free time.

Shaylee: My goal is to read at least 5 chapter books.  My action steps are to check out 2 books each week and then read them at home and at school.

Trey: I want to finish Hard Luck and another chapter book.  I will make sure to read on the weekends.  I also want to read as fast as I can while I make sure I am still understand the book.

Phoenix: I want to read 10 books.  I will do this by asking my dad for new books and reading them at home.

Christian: My goal is to finish Swindle.  I will make sure to ask Mrs. Cirino to read 2 times per week and then I will also read 30 minutes per day.

Cody: I would like to finish Diary of a Wimpy Kid and all my library books that I check out.  I will do this by reading at school and at home.

Elle: I want to read 15 books.  So far I’ve read 10! Right now I am reading book 11 and book 12.  I will continue reading at school and at home.

Olivia: I really think I can read 20 chapter books.  I will achieve this goal by reading for an hour or an hour and a half per day.

Abby: My goal is to read 10 chapter books and 10 picture books.  I will achieve this goal by asking for new books and reading every night and during free time.

Austin: Check back soon for Austin’s goal!

Maddie: My goal is to read at least 3 more Geronimo Stilton books.  I will check the books out from the school library and then read them both at school and at home.

Miss Kourtni: I’d like to read outside of the classroom three times per week.  I will make sure to do this by finding a book and having it next to my bed.

Miss Morrison: My goal is to read at least 2 books for fun and 2 books about teaching.  I will do this by going to the Oswego Public Library and then taking the books with me in my bag.


**Parents…feel free to make YOUR February reading goal by replying in the comments. We’ll keep you posted at the end of February how it went. Happy reading!

Monday Message 2/3

Happy Monday 3M families! I hope you all stayed warm during the snowy weekend.  I can’t believe more snow is on the way! Crazy.

A blog will be posted tonight or tomorrow about what’s happening in 3M this week.

Reader’s Choice Question:

1. Goal check in: How’s it going? Is it time for a new goal? Challenge yourself!

2. What action steps have you been doing to achieve your goal? Every goal must have an action! What can you do THIS month to help achieve your goal?