Monday Message 9/29

Reader’s Choice Question:

We are getting close to October (only two more days!).  It’s time to reflect on our September reading goals and make new October reading goals. Here’s my reflection/goal setting:

In September, I said I wanted to read 2 teacher books this month.  I was going to do it by reading 20 minutes a night.  I achieved this goal! My new October goal is that I would like to read one teacher book and one book for myself.  I will do this by reading 30 minutes five days a week.

I can’t wait to read your goals!


Monday Message 9/15

Hi 3M! Happy Monday. Here’s a look at what’s happening in 3M this week…


We are continuing to focus on Common Core State Standard 3.2.  This standard’s “I can” kid-friendly statement is:

“I can recount stories (fables, folktales, and myths) from different cultures and determine the lesson or moral of a story.”

The pages we’ve added in our Reader’s Notebook look like this:


We broke down the different genres and read many different examples of each.


The kids absolutely LOVED hearing each story we read.  We even read one of the stories twice! With the story we read twice (Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock), we practiced recounting by using the “Somebody Wanted But So Then” strategy.  Have your child show you on his/her hand what this means. They are doing an excellent job with this!

We also will be focusing on learning the meaning of the word “Contrast” and will put it into our Important Word Books. Synonyms will also be taught this week.



In Math, we are now focusing on addition.  The students will be applying their knowledge about place value to help them add larger numbers.  We will be learning the different patterns and strategies to help ourselves fluently add.  We’ve also been working hard on our basic math facts each day during Fact Dash.



We’ve finished up our “Yes Day” books! The kids were asked to be the author of a book that followed the same idea as our OAOS author, Tom Lichtenheld, when he wrote the book “Yes Day”.  We have put them out for display in front of our classroom for anyone to read.


We will also be reviewing Sentence vs. fragments and commas in a series by creating classroom signs.  The students will need to apply what they have learned to create signs that use both of these skills. Pictures will follow once the work is complete!

Important Information

*Math codes went home to access the MyMath resources from your house. Please let me know if you have any questions with this.

*Picture Re-Take day is October 14th.

Reader’s Choice Question

What book are you reading right now? COMPARE yourself to one of the characters. Say the chant if you can’t remember what the word “compare” means.

Monday Message 9/8

What we’re doing for the week will be COMING SOON! I’ll send an email out tomorrow once it is all the way updated. I appreciate your patience 🙂

Reader’s Choice Question/Challenge:

Since we just finished “James and the Giant Peach”, I think it’s important that we celebrate Roald Dahl as an author. What is something you LOVED that did in his writing? What is something you think you could try in your writing?

Challenge: Tonight for your reading, try to find a myth, folktale, fable, or fairytale to read. Can you tell your parents the characteristics of each genre?

Monday Message 9/2

Hi 3M! I hope you all had a wonderful 3-day weekend.  Here’s a look at what’s ahead for the next week…


This week in reading, we will be starting to break down the CCSS 3.2. This standard’s “I can” statement reads as follows:

I can recount stories (fables, folktales, myths, and fairytales) from different cultures.

In order for the students to be able to do this, we have started breaking down the characteristics of each genre.  Today we started with Fairytales.  The entry in our reader’s notebook for the week looks like this: genre

We will be learning a different genre each day this week and reading several examples of all that we learn!

Here is a visual of our anchor chart we created as a class last week to detail our learning of the CCSS 3.1 standard.


We used the book Each Kindness to create this chart.  This book sparked an idea in all of us and has led to a *new* part in our morning routine.

Each morning, we drop a quarter into a bucket of water as we say a kind thing we have done in the last 24 hours.  As we drop the quarter in the bucket, we watch the ripples each quarter makes.  This shows us that each bit of kindness we do counts! Here’s our bucket from today:




In Math, we are still focusing on ordering, comparing, and expressing numbers.  We started this week with rounding to the nearest 10.  Tomorrow we will be working on rounding to the nearest 100.  We will be doing a review in class on Friday with a test set tentatively for next Monday.  More information will come home in your child’s planner regarding this.  Here are the vocabulary words we have been focusing on throughout the chapter:




Last week, we had great success with being able to differentiate between a sentence and a fragment! This week, we will be focusing on using commas in a series.

We have also been gathering ideas in our writer’s notebooks, practicing friendly letters, and writing our September goals.  We are quickly learning that EVERYONE is a writer…and writing is FUN!


Other Information

We will be MAP testing next week! Our MAP testing times are as follows:

Monday 9/8 (Reading)– 2:00-3:20

Monday 9/15 (Math)– 2:00-3:20


Reader’s Choice Question

Since it’s the beginning of a new month…what is ONE goal you have for yourself as a reader in September? Don’t just tell me your goal…give me an action step! How are you going to make sure you achieve this goal. I’ll give you an example (my real goal), so you know what I’m looking for.

example: One of my goals is to read two “teacher” books this month.  I will make sure I achieve this goal by making sure to read at least 20 minutes each night before I go to bed.

I can’t wait to see your responses! I will be holding you to your goals 🙂


Have a great week!