Monday Message 10/20

Reader’s Choice Question:

If you had to choose ANY character to be from ANY book you’ve ever read, who would you choose? Make sure to explain WHY you think this and give me a few examples. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


Monday Message 10/6/14

Hello 3M families! I apologize for the lack of Monday Message posts the last two weeks. I am now back in action. Here’s a look at what’s happening in 3M this week…


We will be focusing on poetry and point of view.  The “I can” statement for poetry is:

RL 3.5– When writing and speaking, I can refer to parts of a poem and describe how each stanza of the poem builds upon one another.

While discussing poetry, we will be looking at the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

As I said before, we will also be focusing on point of view.  In third grade, point of view is not just identifying who is telling the story.  It’s also being able to distinguish your own point of view from the narrator or characters. The “I can” statement for this standard is:

RL 3.6– I can explain my point of view and how it might be different from the narrator’s or character’s point of view.

Our vocabulary word of the week is “identify”.  We also will be practicing the vocabulary skill of finding meaning of words in context.




We are finishing up writing our Scarecrow Letters! They have been turning out nicely.  We have been practicing using juicy words and being creative while writing.  Once they are finished, a few examples will be posted on the blog.



We have started working on subtraction.  Last week, we estimated using subtraction.  This week we will be learning and practicing subtraction with regrouping/borrowing.  Please continue to utilize the My Math web resource that has been emailed home.  This is a great place to go when your child may need additional help with the lesson or homework.  There are wonderful videos to watch and help reinforce what was taught.


Important Information:

**Please see the note in my email from Mrs. Lipnick regarding the Halloween party favor/donations.


Reader’s Choice Question:

What book are you reading this week? What page are you on? What has been your favorite part so far and WHY?