Reader’s Choice 3/23

Woah 3M, can you believe that next week is Spring Break!? It’s going by so fast. With that being said though, we need to make some reading goals so we continue being excellent readers.

What is your Spring Break reading goal? How are you going to make sure you achieve this goal? Where and what will you read?

**Also, don’t forget that the BBC is this Friday! Doors open at 7:45am.  Come hear me (and some of my friends) talk about a wonderful book. What a great way to kick off spring break. See you there!



Guest Blog Post 3/16

**This post is written by Lauren, Zoe, and Wheeler. Enjoy!**

On Thursday we skyped with a really cool author, her name is Kallie George! When we skyped with Kallie George, she taught us her writing process. First she writes it in a notebook. When she writes in a notebook it always gets sloppier and sloppier! Then she types it on the computer. When she edits it she catches her mistakes. We even asked her questions like: “how do you get your ideas?” and “what inspired you to become an author?”. Homework time: If you were in Kallie George’s shoes, what character traits would you give Clover and why?