Reader’s Choice 1/26

Hi 3M! So I’m going to combine our Reader’s Choice question with a little writing. Since we are doing Opinion writing, I’m going to ask you for your opinion. Remember…your opinion also needs to be supported by evidence! (and we outlawed the word “fun” and “cool” as evidence). So let’s hear it:

What’s your opinion of reading AND why? Has it changed this year?


Reader’s Choice 1/12

Welcome back–again! I hope you all stayed warm on our “extra” break.  I hope you spent some of the time reading. I know I did!

Reader’s Choice Question:

Today during reading, we were talking about how we feel like we’ve become better readers already in 3rd grade.  I want to hear how YOU specifically feel like you’ve become better.  What do you think has improved with your reading? Let’s celebrate! I’ve seen some WONDERFUL improvements–I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Monday Message 1/6

Happy 2015 3M Families! I hope you all enjoyed your break.  I loved hearing all the adventures and stories.  I have to say though, I really missed them all.  Being back today reminded me exactly why I’m a teacher.  I absolutely love being around the contagious laughter, hard work, and smiling faces!

Reader’s Choice Question:

So let’s hear it. How much did you read over break? Be honest! There really is no right or wrong answer. I’m just curious.

What is your goal for the next month in reading? What would you like to get better at? Most importantly, how can I help you achieve this goal?

Monday Message 12/15

Since this is the last post before the holidays, our Reader’s Choice question deals with winter break.  We’ve been learning SO MUCH in reading! In order to keep what we’ve learned, it’s very important that we ALL make plans and goals for reading over break. This even means me! Your goal should include what you want to do and HOW you will do it. I’ll start.

My Winter Break goal is to read at least THREE books.  I will do this by setting aside 20+ minutes per day to read and relax.  Maybe I’ll even read at my favorite coffee shop, Village Grind!

Happy Holidays 3M to you and your families 🙂

Monday Message 12/01

Happy Monday everyone! I just have to share an awesome moment with all the parents.  Today during reading, EVERY child had a book that they were interested in.  Every single child was focused, reading, and excited about his/her book.  I love to see the kids so passionate about reading!

Reader’s Choice Question:

What book are you reading currently? Give us a quick update about what it’s about. Here’s the catch. You can ONLY use THREE sentences to explain your book. Make it short but exactly to the point. GO!


Monday Message 11/17

In honor of Family Reading Night across Illinois on Thursday, November 20th…this week we will be working on increasing our reading stamina.

Reader’s Choice Question:

What is your goal for minutes read this week? Remember, it doesn’t have to be a certain amount each night…it just has to be how many minutes you read total this week.  Make it a challenge! You all are getting to be such great readers…I know you can do it 🙂 Happy reading!

Monday Message 11/10

Hi 3M Families! It’s been so long since we’ve posted on the blog. I’m excited to see some of our responses for this week. Happy reading (and responding!):

Reader’s Choice Question:

Think about the story you are reading.  Would you like to be a character in this story? If you answered “Yes”, why would you want to be a part of the story? If you answered “No”, why not? What kind of character traits do you think the author would give you?